Lasers, Cameras and More:

Other Sensors Integrated with GNSS for Special Mapping Requirements

Free 60-Minute Webinar

Date: Thursday, July 28, 2016
Time: 1 p.m. EDT / 10 a.m. PDT
Sponsor: Laser Technology

Field data collection and mapping is booming in many industrial, business, defense and other organizational workflows. The demand for accuracy and data richness constantly increases, and the frontiers for mapping and navigation are steadily pushing outward through all types of obstructed environments — and inward. These new positioning challenges are met by a range of sensors complementing GNSS: laser range-finders, inertial measurement units, cameras of various kinds and more.

Practitioners and researchers in these industries will find this GPS World webinar material profitable:

  • Survey and Defense.
  • Mining and Construction.
  • GIS Mappping and GPS Mapping.
  • Forestry and Natural Resource Management.
  • Utilities and Telecommunications.


Joakim Rydell
Senior Scientist, Swedish Defense Research Agency

"Inertial Navigation and Dense Distance Measurements from a Range Camera"

A prototype for soldiers and first responders in dangerous environments integrates inertial navigation with near-infrared images and dense distance measurements from a range camera using active illumination. This produces real-time results on a tablet computer. Experiments demonstrate that the system provides good positioning and mapping performance in a range of indoor environments, including darkness and smoke.

Derrick Reish
Senior Product Manager, Laser Technology Inc.

"GIS Field Data Collection Using Smart Devices "

Learn how to increase GIS field data collection workflow efficiency utilizing smart devices (BYOD), internal GPS and apps with compact total station laser rangefinders. Also, using the camera function on the smart devices and/or laser.

Eric Gakstatter
Contributing Editor, GPS World, Geospatial Solutions

"Mapping with a variety of sensors, focusing on digital cameras, lidar and laser rangefinders"

Learn how a variety of sensors — including digital cameras, lidar and laser rangefinders — are being used with GPS for advanced mapping.


Alan Cameron
Editor-In-Chief, GPS World

Cameron is editor-in-chief and publisher of GPS World magazine, where he has worked since 2000. He also writes the monthly GNSS System Design e-newsletter and the Wide Awake blog.



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  • Professional laser
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  • Total station
  • 3D scanner

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