UAV Design and Applications:

Autonomous Relative Navigation and GNSS Robustness for UAV Systems

Free 60-Minute Webinar

Date: Thursday, May 19, 2016
Time: 1 p.m. EDT / 10 a.m. PDT
Sponsors: Septentrio

Constantly evolving, it's no wonder keeping up on the latest in UAV design and application can be challenging. In this webinar, speakers will engage you in discussions involving:

  • Self-generated radio-frequency interference aboard UAVs;
  • An autonomous relative navigation tool for in-air UAV refueling;
  • Sensor integration for a UAV designed for industrial environments; and
  • Considerations for multi-GNSS integration onto UAV platforms.

Subtopic 1: GNSS Robustness for Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Presented by Dennis Akos, Professor, University of Colorado at Boulder, and Joshua Stubbs, Recent Graduate, MS, LuleŚ University of Technology
When siting the antenna of a GNSS receiver or designing a GNSS-based navigation system, electromagnetic compatibility is an important concern. This is particularly true for airborne platforms. Akos discusses how radio-frequency interference can impact GNSS equipment on unmanned aircraft systems and how robustly the equipment can navigate those systems.

Subtopic 2: Autonomous Relative Navigation
Presented by Dr. Jeff Fayman, CTO, Geodetics
Future UAVS will require relative navigation capability to fulfill a broad range of assisted manned and unmanned missions. A new approach, demonstrated in application to aerial refueling, provides access to accurate relative time-space positioning information (R-TSPI) between platforms.

Subtopic 3: Practical Aspects of GNSS integration Aboard a Drone
Presented by Chris Miser, CEO, Falcon Unmanned
Falcon Unmanned provides professional tactical unmanned aircraft systems for public safety agencies and commercial sector customers, as well as anti-poaching / conservation activities. Falcon has several modular payload options providing multi-mission capability including live video missions (day or night), photogrammetry, high resolution aerial photography, and multispectral sensing.

Subtopic 4: Practical Tips on How to Avoid Problems While Integrating High-Accuracy GNSS Receivers Aboard UAVs
Presented by Jan Leyssens, Product Manager, Septentrio



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