Timing in Mission-Critical Systems

Free 60-Minute Webinar

Date: Thursday, March 31, 2016
Time: 1 p.m. EDT / 10 a.m. PDT
Sponsors: Microsemi

Timing and synchronization play a critical role in day-to-day functions such as range operations, radar installations, uplink-downlink satellite communications and network timing operations for data collections, logs, etc. Synchronization failure can disrupt critical communications in ground/satellite based communications systems leading to losses in related financial revenue and SLA penalties. In military communications and radar applications, such failures can even open national defense vulnerabilities. Furthermore, synchronization failures can result in uncorrelated data in very expensive real-time test scenarios on military test ranges.

Mission-critical applications demand greater performance, scalability and security than ever before. Keeping up with these synchronization challenges in your instrumentation systems in a cost-effective way requires your supporting sub-systems to evolve as well.

In this webinar, you'll hear from our expert speaker panel about:

  • Real-life timing challenges in mission-critical applications, such as high-frequency trading, satellite and military communications, test ranges and radar.
  • Range operations perspective — current timing requirements and anticipating future needs.
  • What technologies to look for in your next-generation instrument class clock to cost-effectively deliver: accurate and stable time and frequency signal types, signal output flexibility and robust security.

The one-hour webinar will also include a follow-up Q&A session with the speakers.


Paul Skoog
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsemi Corporation
Skoog has over two decades of experience in the engineering software and GPS positioning and timing industries, including Symmetricom, TrueTime and Trimble. He is currently responsible for Microsemi's GPS-referenced network time servers for enterprise applications and GPS instrumentation for military and aerospace timing applications. Mr. Skoog has also held engineering and product management positions in the dynamic signal analysis software industry. He holds a BS in mechanical engineering from California Polytechnic State University and an MBA from Santa Clara University Graduate School of Business.

Scott Williams
President, G.L. Williams Associates
Williams has over two decades of experience in the test instrumentation, telemetry, and time and frequency industries, serving a diverse customer base and applications ranging from military/aerospace, industrial, financial (high frequency trading) to telecom, medical and commercial. Mr. Williams holds a BS in electrical and electronics engineering from Wilkes University and an MSEE from Clarkson University.

James L. Wright
Principal Systems Engineer, Range Generation Next
has more than four decades of experience in Range Precise Time and Time Interval (PTTI) systems in various management, leadership and systems engineering positions. He currently oversees the Timing and Sequencing Subsystems for the Eastern Range and Western Range, and was responsible for the first range deployments of GPS timing receivers, two-way satellite time transfer (TWSTT) and precise time protocol (PTP). Having provided more than 25 years support to the Range Commanders Council, Telecommunications and Timing Group, Wright was a lead developer of four current IRIG standards and has authored multiple technical publications on range timing systems, PTP and future PTTI requirements. He holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the University of South Carolina, an master's in engineering management from Florida Institute of Technology and is a certified systems engineering professional (CESP).


Alan Cameron
Editor-In-Chief and Publisher, GPS World
Cameron is editor-in-chief and publisher of GPS World magazine, where he has worked since 2000. He also writes the monthly GNSS Design & Test newsletter and the Wide Awake blog.



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